MIS stands for \"Management Information System\". MIS is a specialized information system which designs as per the needs of an organization. Its major goals are to help business executives in decision-making.

This section contains the Management Information System MCQ on various topics such as fundamental, information system, MIS design, decision making, strategic management information system, system analysis & design, end-user computing, RAD, Software Outsourcing, Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC), Expert System, Executive Information System, Office Automation System, Decision Support System, Transaction Processing System, Information System in Manufacturing, Challenges in Developing Information Systems, etc.

These MIS MCQs are written for beginners as well as advanced, practice these MCQs to enhance and test the knowledge of Management Information System.


MCQ | Agile Model in MIS
MCQ | Challenges in Developing Information Systems in MIS
MCQ | Computer Aided Software Engineering in MIS
MCQ | Decision Support System in MIS
MCQ | End-user Computing in MIS
MCQ | Executive Information System in MIS
MCQ | Expert System in MIS
MCQ | Information System in Financial and Accounting System in MIS
MCQ | Information System in Manufacturing in MIS
MCQ | Information Systems for Decision Making in MIS
MCQ | Iterative Model in MIS
MCQ | Management Information System (MIS) – Fundamental
MCQ | Management Information System (MIS) – Information System
MCQ | Management Information System Design
MCQ | Office Automation System in MIS
MCQ | Prototype Model in MIS
MCQ | Rapid Application Development (RAD) in MIS | Set 1
MCQ | Rapid Application Development Model in MIS | Set 2
MCQ | Research and Development in MIS
MCQ | Software Outsourcing in MIS
MCQ | Software Packages in MIS
MCQ | Spiral Model in MIS
MCQ | Strategic Management Information System in MIS
MCQ | Strategic Planning in MIS
MCQ | System Analysis and Design
MCQ | Systems Development Life Cycle (SDLC) in MIS
MCQ | Tools for Information System in MIS
MCQ | Transaction Processing System in MIS
MCQ | V-Model in MIS
MCQ | Waterfall Model in MIS
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